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Boy Thinks He Got a Rattlesnake in Parents' Christmas Prank

The Short of It

A boy who asked for a rattlesnake for Christmas thinks he got his wish. And he's terrified!

The Lowdown

North Carolina mom Alison Carroll decided to have a little fun with one of her son Brooks' holiday gift requests. Since he'd been asking for a rattlesnake, she gave him one. Or at least he thought that was what was inside the hissing box.

Carroll posted the video of her son's reaction to her Facebook page, where it has since been viewed more than 155,000 times. In the clip, we see the pajama clad little boy being handed a Christmas box, inside of which he has been told is the reptile he requested. His expression is priceless; he really believes there's a deadly snake under the lid.

"You told everyone at school you wanted a rattlesnake right?" his parents ask. And he bolts! He's perched on an armchair, glaring at the box, which continues to hiss ominously.

"Throw it outside!" he begs from the safety of the chair, refusing to open the intimidating gift.

"Just be careful," his mom cautions him, enticing him to remove the lid.

"Get it away from me," he whines.

Soon the lid is opened to reveal it's only a hissing device inside, and the adults burst out laughing. "I take it you don't want a rattlesnake anymore?" his mom asks.

"Y'all are mean!" the upset boy proclaims.

Be careful what you ask for Brooks! You just might get it!! Hahaha!!! Priceless!! I love a good prank. 󾇓 #parentsoftheyear #santaaintgotnothingonus 󾌴

Posted by Alison Carroll on Friday, December 25, 2015

The Upshot

Not every parent will agree with me, but I think this prank is funny. Kids do ask for the dumbest things sometimes! And you're left scratching your head. I love that this mom had a little fun with her son. I say, well played Alison! Parenting is so dang hard, if you can't laugh sometimes, you're doomed. That being said, the part that is questionable is sharing the video online, which could be considered child shaming, something that is never good or healthy.

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