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Boy Who Found True Love at 8 Years Old Loses Battle with Cancer


The Short of It

An 8-year-old boy—whose story of his first date with the love of his life went viral a few months ago—has died of leukemia.

The Lowdown

David Spisak battled cancer for seven years. But in his short life, he also found joy, saying he fell in love with his friend Ayla, a fellow second-grader.

"The heart knows," the little boy said about finding the love of his life. "Mine does too," echoed 7-year-old Ayla. When the "couple" went on a first date bowling, David's mom Amber shared the sweet encounter on social media.

But Amber posted a heartbreaking update to David's story on her Facebook page after David passed away Feb. 11, which reads in part:

"There's never been a morning with such sadness as today and no words will do it justice but I'll try. Our little man's last moments were laying with his mommy and daddy in the middle of the night, with a house full of family, friends and loved ones after days of being surrounded by love. This day was supposed to come about 9-10 months ago but David just wasn't done living yet so he made his own timeline and defied the rules. The almost 7 years of cancer were so very hard but nothing like the last few days."

The post continued, "Yesterday, he was already no longer 'David,' didn't know who was speaking to him and none of his words made sense; I guess your mind takes you away before your body lets you go, a self-protective thing. But those of us who heard it will never forget the feeling we felt hearing the last clear thing he said yesterday morning, mixed up with the other random comments, was 'David wants to be a hero.'"

Amber's emotional post ends, "I'm not ready to say things happen for a reason or a message of rainbows and sunshine just yet, but our baby boy was a fighter, a beautiful soul, a force to be reckoned with and of all the things, he is most definitely a hero. Rest easy sweet boy, you fought an unfair fight with the strength of a thousand soldiers that I could've never done...but you did it with grace; no more struggling. Just rest."

The Upshot

David accomplished something many people who live ten times as long as he did never will. He fell in love, and that is what life is all about. While the pain his family and young Ayla are feeling now is unimaginable, here's hoping eventually they find some comfort in knowing their son's life was full of love, and that he inspired and touched the lives of countless individuals.

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