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Boy's Circumcision Sparks Lengthy Court Battle Between Parents

The Short of It

An estranged Florida couple, Heather Hironimus and Dennis Nebus, are fighting over whether to circumcise their son, Chase, or not. While the mother denounces the procedure as barbaric, the father is in favor of circumcision. All the while, their son's foreskin destiny has remained in limbo for four years.

The Lowdown

Hironimus and Nebus had a six-month relationship that resulted in a pregnancy, baby and a fight over everything since. Nebus sued to prove his paternity and to get partial custody of his son. The couple legally decided on everything from Chase's surname, to his legal address, to whom he calls mommy or daddy, and to what becomes of his penis. Originally, they both agreed to the circumcision, but when it came time to schedule the procedure, Hironimus changed her mind.

The Upshot

Judges have ruled in favor of the child's father, which means the surgery is going to happen. Unfortunately, the ruling has done nothing to deter the passion of protesters, which are calling themselves "intactivists."

While many parents still choose to remove their newborn boy's foreskin at the suggestion of a doctor, for religious or cultural reasons, opponents can't be convinced that this little boy should undergo circumcision, especially since the debate has gone on so long that the child in question is now 4 years old and is no longer a newborn baby.

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