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Breast Milk Jewelry: Yes Seriously, It's a Thing

The Short of It

Want to preserve your breast milk forever with a unique piece of jewelry? There's a website for that!

The Lowdown

A New York Post article recently delved into the increasingly popular world of breast milk jewelry. The paper interviewed one New Jersey mom, Ann Marie Sharoupim, 28, who is a pharmacist who creates and sells individualized jewelry pieces via her website Mamma's Liquid Love, using what she calls a proprietary process.

"I worked for months to come up with a way to create jewelry that would last," she says. And she did when she discovered how to turn the milk into a solid, resin-based material that resembles a pearl. It can be made into a pendant, a ring, earrings, and other delicate jewelry pieces, which she prices from $45 to $100.

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And why exactly would a mom want to wear her own breast milk as jewelry? Sharoupim explains, " They want to preserve the sweetest, closest moments they had with their little ones."

Another New Jersey mom, Jessica Gromek, who has purchased pieces for her daughters made out of her milk, echoes that sentiment, telling the Post, "Getting your little one to latch on, the sore bleeding nipples, the endless leaking, the feeding on demand, and then going back to work and trying to pump ... it's all incredibly intense. It's a piece of me—a symbol of my love."

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Of course, these unique accessories aren't for everyone. New York City mom, Jenna Scott, told the paper, "I loved nursing my daughter, but I don't necessarily need a daily reminder. It just seems weird to me. I'd prefer to take that cash and invest in lingerie that's not a nursing bra."

And there are those who question how a mom is to know if the piece she's wearing was really made out of her own breast milk. Sharoupim, for one, guarantees the jewelry item being ordered is made with each woman's personal supply, which she asks to be sent in a medical-grade storage container.

The Upshot

If you think you could create your own breast milk jewelry, let New Jersey doula Laura Falzon's story be a cautionary tale: "I tried to learn on my own via a Pinterest tutorial and ended up not fully preserving the milk in resin, so it spoiled, smelled weird, and turned orange!"

And be aware that certain sites, like Etsy, have banned the sale of this particular type of jewelry, citing its ban against the sale and trade of human remains, so interested buyers must seek out individualized sites that offer the pieces.

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But hey, if breast milk jewelry isn't exactly your cup of tea, you could consider using your liquid gold to create medicine or ice cream! But I'll be over here, not doing any of those things!

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