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Breastfeeding Supporters Stage 'Nurse-In' at Kmart

The Short of it

A group of Oklahoma parents banded together to stage a nurse-in at a local Kmart as a way to protest the fact an employee had told mom, Angelica Williams, to stop breastfeeding her 3-month-old daughter in the store while she waited to check out.

The Lowdown

Local parents were upset that a nursing mom could be treated so rudely and humiliated in front of other patrons. Protestors held signs that read, "This baby needs my milk. Not your approval;" and many moms nursed their children. Approximately 40 demonstrators, including husbands and kids, protested in the Oklahoma Kmart.

According to protestors, the nurse-in was a nonchalant, cordial and peaceful event. There was no yelling, chanting or obvious exposing of breasts. No one was hurt. Babies were fed, parents were heard and rights were observed. The bottom line is that breastfeeding should not be offensive to anyone.

The Kmart employee was 100 percent in the wrong. According to the National Congress of State Legislatures, 46 states, including Oklahoma, have laws on the books that specifically allow women to breastfeed their children in any public or private location.

The Upshot

A rep for Kmart apologized and said that it was "simply a case of miscommunication." Whatever you call it, hopefully this incident will allow for a much-needed conversation between corporate leaders and employees about the rights of breastfeeding moms. I think Kmart should offer some sort of sensitivity training for employees who feel uncomfortable when faced with a breastfeeding mother.

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