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Bus Driver's Act of Kindness Restores Dad's Faith in Humanity

The Short of It

A bus driver's act of kindness toward a teen-age girl restores her dad's faith in humanity.

The Lowdown

British teen Lily Sawyers left her purse on a bus following a work shift on Saturday. When the 17-year-old arrived home and realized she'd left her bag behind, her dad Ian told the Hull Daily Mail, "She was gutted but we were just chatting later and heard the letterbox go."

There was her purse, along with this note: "To Lily Sawyers, found your purse on my bus tonight so I thought I'd return it for you. Hope it's the right house! Bus driver."

Ian was so touched by this act of kindness, he took to Facebook to try to connect with the man who restored his faith in humanity. Luckily, the outreach worked!

"I got a message from somebody who knew a driver and I was able to message him myself to say thanks," Ian said. "It was such a nice thing to do and he seemed like a really nice guy. I even offered him something to say thank you but he would not even accept that. With everything that has gone on lately, and with the news seeming a bit doom and gloom, to have something like this happen is really uplifting."

The Upshot

Many years ago, I left my wallet in a New York City cab. I figured I'd never see it again, but would you believe the driver later came back to my apartment to return it? Many good people are out there, and it's a fact worth remembering, as Ian points out, when there are so many bad people grabbing headlines.

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