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"Bye-Bye Binky": Dad Helps Toddler Stop Using Pacifier in Darling Way

The Short of It

A California dad came up with a sweet, smart way to help his 2-year-old son say "bye-bye" to his pacifier.

The Lowdown

Scott Burnett turned a milestone that is sad—and sometimes even traumatic—for many toddlers into a celebration of sorts. On his son Blake's second birthday, this dad prepared the toddler to part with his pacifier forever by using balloons!

First, the two enjoyed one last nap together—the binky and Blake, that is. Then, Burnett bought the balloons and made sure Blake understood they were how his treasured friend would travel to the sky.

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"Our toddler loses his pacifier for good. It took us ONE day, a little planning, some creative conversation and it worked like a charm. watch and you will see for yourself. The magic age is 2 years old. You can do it too. Good luck!" Burnett captioned the YouTube video that captures the big moment.

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In the video, we see Blake take one last ceremonial suck of his binky. And then he says, "bye-bye binky," before he lets go of the balloon strings, watching and waving at the slowly disappearing pacifier with his family surrounding him for support.

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The Upshot

What I love about this ceremonial parting is how Burnett talks through what's going to happen with Blake before they actually say goodbye to the pacifier. The little boy then knows what to expect and isn't shocked when the event actually transpires.

I also love how this dad ultimately gives Blake the control over when he lets go. I'm sure Burnett has created a positive memory for his son of a goodbye that could have traumatized him.

What is your best tip for helping a child say goodbye to his binky?

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