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Celeb Dads Get Body-Shamed, Too! Vin Diesel Responds to 'Dad Bod' Critics

The Short of It

Hello, dad-bod? A recent photos of Vin Diesel appeared to show a more rounded version of the chisled actor than we're used to seeing. But the dad of three took to social media recently to show that he's still got those rock-hard abs he's known for—and says that, regardless, it's never okay to body shame someone.

The Lowdown

Celeb moms and moms-to-be are the targets of body shaming pretty much all the time. Less frequent are the body pot-shots lobbed at celeb dads. And when they are called out for being a little soft, it's often in a good way—who could forget the whole "dad bod" phenomenon?

But not every A-list dad likes being called out for being (possibly) a little soft around the edges. The most recent target appears to be none other than famously fit actor Vin Diesel, who is the father of three children—Hania, age 7, Vincent, age 4, and baby Pauline, who was born in March—with his girlfriend Paloma Jiménez.

When photographers snapped the star looking less in-shape than usual, Diesel took to Instagram to prove he's still got his six-pack.

"It is amazing the response from the journalists who I have been talking to for the last two days in New York. Today one wanted to see the dad bod. Haha. I am wondering if I should show the picture... Body-shaming is always wrong! What do you think?" Diesel teased on the photo sharing site, before posting a picture of himself with his shirt pulled up.

The photo revealed Diesel isn't sporting a squishy body after all. Nope, his physique is as chiseled as ever.

The Upshot

Kudos to Diesel for calling out body shamers, and proving that there's nothing wrong with a dad bod—whether he has one or not. Dads can be sensitive about how they look too, not just us moms! And, ahem, Vin, we like you no matter how defined your abdominal region is.

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