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This Chewbacca Mom Video Could Even Make Darth Vader Laugh

The Short of It

Candace Payne, a.k.a. "Chewbacca Mom," breaks a record for the most-watched Facebook Live video ever.

The Lowdown

More than 137 million people have watched a Texas mom try on a Chewbacca mask in a Kohl's parking lot and try not to laugh. "It's the simple joys in life...." Payne captioned the now viral video of her epic Star Wars-inspired moment.

In the video, the 37-year-old mom laughs hysterically, while the mask, which she admits was purchased for her son but she intends to keep, makes the noise the hairy character is so famous for.

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"That's not me making that noise; it's the mask," Payne swears. Incidentally, the video is so popular, that the mask is reportedly out of stock, according to NDTV.

Before this mom even tried on the mask, her level of joy was contagious. But once the mask is on, watch out. She. Is. Hilarious. "This is worth every penny!" she declares between wild giggles, adding, "I kinda want to drive around like this!"

Even when she removes the mask, Payne can't stop laughing. It's really easy to see why so many people have enjoyed watching this video.

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The Upshot

The unexpected success of this video prompted Payne to post this status update to her Facebook page: "Today has been a whirlwind. I'm grateful for every kind word and comment even if I haven't replied. Y'all. OVERWHELMED with gratitude. Let's keep belly laughing again and again. Never imagined finding my 'simple joy' would land me more VIEWS on a little FB video than Mark Zuckerberg has followers. INSANE. Find your 'simple joy'!"

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Seriously, if this video doesn't make you laugh, you're more miserable than Darth Vader! Every mom should have this much fun!

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