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Cindy Crawford's Husband Reacts to Leaked Un-Retouched Photos

The Short of It

A shocking photo of supermodel Cindy Crawford appears to reveal what she looks like without the help of Photoshop. While she is yet to comment, her husband Rande Gerber has reacted.

The Lowdown

By now, everyone has seen the un-retouched picture of the gorgeous, seemingly ageless Crawford, allegedly originating from a photo shoot she did in 2013 for Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America. That is, unless you're too busy Photoshopping pictures from your last vacation to make you look like what you think Crawford does.

In the brutally honest photo, we learn that Crawford, who is 48 years old, doesn't look like the image we're used to seeing of her. The mother-of-two seems to share the less-flattering body features all moms struggle to embrace, including cellulite on her thighs and an extra layer of skin around her mid-section.

The published cover shot only showed the model's upper body, and the accompanying spread inside had her stomach covered.

Although the reasons behind the timing of the tweet are unknown, British journalist Charlene White shared the photo seen-round-the-world the day before Valentine's Day, along with this caption: "Cindy Crawford's April spread in Marie Claire features 100% non-retouched photos. Take a bow Ms. C."

Marie Claire said in an online post that the photos show, "a body that defies expectations—it is real, it is honest, and it is gorgeous."

The Upshot

Most blogs are applauding Crawford for the way she looks in the picture, saying her body is beautiful—and real—and that the image will help "normal" women feel better about themselves. Several celebrities have also rallied around the star to show their support.

For his part, the model mom's husband decided to show the world another side to his famous wife in the wake of the jaw-dropping un-retouched shot; it's the side we're more accustomed to seeing. A day after the first picture was leaked, Gerber shared a photo via Instagram of Crawford in a string bikini, looking toned and, well, perfect. The caption read: "She got flowers, and I got her. Happy Valentines Day." We don't know when the shot was actually taken.

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