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Company's New Maternity Leave Policy Will Make You Want to Work There

The Short of It

How much maternity leave did you get after having your baby? We're betting it wasn't as generous as what telecommunications company Vodafone Group plans to give its working moms!

The Lowdown

By the end of 2015, U.S. Vodafone employees can take advantage of 16 weeks of paid leave post-baby. That's pretty impressive by itself, since only 12 percent of American workers receive paid leave, according to "Cosmopolitan." But get this: After new moms return to work, they'll have the opportunity to work 30 hour weeks and still receive full pay for up to six months.

Moms, are you standing up to applaud this amazing proposition?

Vodafone says its new maternity leave policy aims to successfully reintegrate new moms into the workforce. But beyond just being employee friendly, the better benefits mean a stronger bottom line.

"It gives us an advantage when we're working with female employees, not only in our business today but as we recruit people," says Chuck Pol, president of Vodafone Americas.

Vodafone has admittedly struggled to retain female top talent. Only 21 percent of its senior leadership are women. Most women who leave the company do so within the first year after having a baby.

The Upshot

As points out, we don't know how this policy may affect new dads. But here's hoping Vodafone starts a maternity leave revolution in this country!

After all, America lags behind other nations who do far more to support working moms post-baby. According to Pew Research, in a recent study, the U.S. is the only one of 38 countries that does not mandate any form of paid maternity leave for workers.

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