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'Condom Challenge' Is Newest Viral—and Dangerous—Online Stunt for Teens

The Short of It

As dumb as it may be, perhaps you heard of an antic a few years ago where kids were snorting condoms up their noses and pulling them out of their mouths. Now a new stunt by the same name, the "condom challenge," is putting kids in danger in a completely different way.

The Lowdown

It seems teens are always looking for new, often bizarre, and almost always dangerous, challenges online. The latest version has them dropping water-filled, tied-off condoms on one another's heads, and of course, posting a video of the stunt to social media. One in particular, the "Japanese Condom Head Challenge" has more than 500,000 views on YouTube. In the 30 second clip, one teen drops a condom filled with water on another teen's head, who basically gets stuck inside the water-filled prophylactic. It soon bursts, and it's apparently hilarious!

But this new stunt, which is meant to show how strong condoms are, presents a choking and drowning hazard. Besides, a condom breaking during sex is not the only reason they fail, according to WebMD. Instead, misuse, such as putting one on too late, can cause unintended pregnancy or the transmission of an STD.

The Upshot

Judith Tellerman, Ph.D., clinical professor of psychology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine explained to Yahoo Parenting why teens are enticed to take part in these challenges: "In adolescence, there's a feeling of invincibility. That has to do with the fact that the brain is still developing. The judgment part doesn't develop until the end of adolescence, around 24 years old. Impulsivity is also a factor in teen life. It's all about 'the now' and then they get in trouble."

She advises teens to think carefully before taking part in these trendy stunts and to channel their energy in more constructive ways!

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