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Cop's Kids Agree to Forgo Christmas Gifts to Help Family in Need

The Short of It

A Marysville, Calif., Police Chief's amazing act of kindness is sure to inspire you this holiday season!

The Lowdown

Aaron Easton, a cop and father of three, lost his wife last year. He tries to perform daily acts of kindness to honor her. There's no doubt she would be proud of her husband for how he's helping a family in need.

Tim and Jessica Conn and their three kids have been homeless since Tim was laid off three years ago. Conn posted a desperate, yet hopeful, update to her Facebook page recently:

"...tonight my transmission blew up on the 10th street bridge! I'm carless again and with where we have to live at the moment, we desperately NEED a car. I was stressed out on the side of the road and a man came out to see if we were okay and is offering to sell us his extra car for an amazing price of $400! Even going to pay the next year's tags, smog it, oil change and new battery! Totally awesome deal and so amazing of him! Of course I don't have that kind of money, but we're trying to come up with a plan somehow. I just feel so blessed that that he's willing to do that for us. In the last couple weeks, I have come across some amazing people! So thankful! Hoping and praying something comes through!"

Easton saw the post and asked his kids if they would be willing to forgo their Christmas gifts this year to help the Conns pay for their car. Incredibly, they agreed. "To their credit ... I have some great kids and all of them said, 'Absolutely. Let's help this family out,'" Easton told KCRA.

"It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. My wife, when we first met (Aaron), cried on his shoulder. We call him our guardian angel. My kids are my life. And Aaron helped me provide for my kids," Tim Conn says about this incredible act of kindness.

The selfless cop even invited the Conn girls to walk with him in a Christmas parade, which their parents say was beyond thrilling for them.

The Upshot

The Conns aren't the only family that benefited from this new friendship. "I think it was a good lesson for my children. I was glad they could be a part of it. They could feel a sense of pride that they helped other people out," says Easton.

Meanwhile, just last night Jessica shared this update to their story: "Well, Aaron's kindness never ends! Since we haven't been able to get the car he's buying for us yet and we've been having to walk everywhere and it's cold and raining, he and his partner (with my permission - I called the school) went to my kids school, picked them up and brought them home for us! Thank you Aaron Easton, the girls loved it!!"

Wow, I know I am inspired to perform a big act of kindness this holiday season. Are you?

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