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Crazy! This Dad Delivered His Own Baby—and Filmed It

The Short of It

A dad delivers his partner's baby at home, and manages to get the entire thing on film!

The Lowdown

British photographer Martin Boyce didn't intend to deliver his own daughter, but that's just what he did when his partner Holly Dawson went into labor at their home, and progressed so quickly, their midwives didn't have time to get there for the birth.

Boyce told the UK's Metro, "Holly woke me up at about 3:30 am on Sunday morning—she quite calmly said, 'I think it's started.' But we thought we had ages and ages to wait." He adds, "But as I came down the stairs Holly was starting to call out in pain and panic—it was coming on much quicker than we'd imagined."

Holly proceeded to get on all fours in the middle of the living room floor, ready to have the baby.

"I looked down the business end and saw the baby crowning, and I realised I'd have to step up and deliver her—I'd thought my role would just be hand-holding," Boyce explained, adding "But something changed in my brain, and instinct just takes over."

In the video you can hear Boyce exclaim, "It's a baby!" His voice is overwrought with emotion as he pulls out baby Isabelle. You can also see his mom, Polly, on the phone with the midwives, who arrived shortly thereafter.

As for the footage of his impromptu delivery, well, the new dad says, "It was only after everything was over that I remembered I'd set up the camera, and thankfully I'd managed to catch the whole thing on film."

For her part, Dawson says, "I never imagined for one second that Martin would end up delivering our baby—it was a little bit scary, but everyone mucked in and had their role to play, and thankfully it all went smoothly." She adds, "I'm just delighted we have it all on film. It was exciting to watch back such a special moment."

The Upshot

I can't imagine my husband delivering our baby on the floor of the living room, but hey, clearly you do what you have to do. The good news is that baby Isabelle is healthy, and so is her mom. And her dad has major bragging rights for here on out!

What is your reaction to this incredible video?

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