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Cute Toddler's Love for Pet Pig Takes Internet by Storm

The Short of It

I've seen loads of cute photos of toddlers and their puppies, but I'm not sure that I've ever seen anything quite as precious as 2-year-old Libby Bonnice and her 3-month-old pet pig, Pearl. Her photographer mom, Lindsey Bonnice, is documenting the adventures of Libby and Pearl through photos on her Instagram account.

The Lowdown

Lindsey says she's always been "a huge animal lover." She has been taking care of two rescued Babydoll sheep, and she knew she wanted to adopt another animal into their family. After researching and hearing how sweet pigs are as pets from other pig owners, they took the plunge and adopted Pearl. Lindsey says caring for Pearl is no more difficult than raising a puppy.

You can tell from the photos that Libby loves her Pearl. Lindsey says that when Pearl isn't roaming free, you'll find Libby sitting by her pen talking to her.

The Upshot

Not only does Libby get to have the pet of her sweet toddler dreams, but Lindsey is creating one of the most adorable, pastel pink-filled memory logs ever. It features adorable, love-filled tea parties and pajama times that Libby will love looking at when she grows up.

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