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Dad Calls Police to Watch Him Spank Daughters

The Short of It

Would you call the police on yourself if you were going to spank your child? Would you want a witness to make sure that you didn't go too far? A dad in Okeechobee County Florida did. He called the sheriff's office and asked them to watch him spank his daughter to avoid an accusation of abuse.

The Lowdown

Deputy Joseph Hall said he was called to a home for "juvenile problems." When the deputy arrived at the home, the father, Dale Garcia, told the officer that when he returned home from shopping, he found that his two 12-year-old daughters had been arguing over a tablet. One daughter locked herself in her bedroom, and her sister used a knife to get in.

This is when he made the controversial decision to spank the girls in front of an officer. He spanked the girls four times.

The Upshot

Spanking is not against the law. In fact, Okeechobee County Major Noel Stephen says the police department receives calls just like this every once in a while, but it's not something that they like to advertise that they do.

What do you think? Spanking—Yay or Nay?

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