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Dad Forgets Baby in Car, Calls 911 from Train

The Short of It

An anonymous Massachusetts dad was on the train on his way to work Wednesday when he realized he forgot something really important: His 1-year-old daughter, who was asleep in the back of his SUV.

The Lowdown

"The baby had fallen asleep in the child seat, and I went into auto pilot," he told ABC News.

He got on his train, and soon realized his mistake. He was able to switch trains to head back to his car, and on the way, he called 911 in hopes they could get to her more quickly than he could—and they did.

"I'd like to thank the Quincy and transit police departments as well as the responding EMTs for taking good care of my little one while I rushed back," he said. "She is safe and happy today."

The Upshot

This is truly one of my biggest fears as a parent. Even on a mild day, the temperature inside a car can skyrocket, and a child left inside, even for a short period of time, could die.

It's a misconception that only neglectful parents leave their kids in cars. We're all busy, schedules change, and almost all of us are sleep deprived. We should all realize that this could happen to anyone, and we should double and triple check our cars every time we get in and out. Some experts recommend keeping your briefcase or handbag in the back seat, so you have no choice but to look back there when you leave the car. Even this dad knew this could be an issue, and it slipped his mind that day.

"I had what I thought was a safe-guard procedure against this in place that I neglected to use today," he said. "Obviously, we will be doing more to prevent this going forward."

No word yet on whether he'll be facing any charges for the incident. We're just glad his daughter was safe because he realized his mistake early and reached out to police right away.

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