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Dad Invents Smart Wristband to Track Down Lost Children

The Short of It

Dad invents BuddyTag, a smart wristband that helps parents keep track of children, after a scary afternoon at an amusement park.

The Lowdown

Willie Wu invented BuddyTag after he lost his daughter at Six Flags for an hour. "His child did everything right—waiting in one place with an employee of the park," said Wu's sister at Toy Fair 2016, where the wristband was unveiled. "But it was the worst hour of his life."

After the ordeal, the ingenious dad decided to design BuddyTag for parents who are within the vicinity of their child but want some extra security. The child safety device helps keep children safe with features like an out-of-range alert (from about 80 to 120 feet), a water safety alert to help prevent accidental drowning, a panic alarm for your child to push when in a threatening situation, and a personal ID to help reunite a lost child with parents. It also allows parents to view where and when their child was last tracked by the app, like if he's on a field trip or with a babysitter.

"It gives them the freedom to play in playgrounds and amusement parks, near your eyesight," Ms. Wu said.

The device—which costs $35 and works via Bluetooth—originaly came out two years ago. "It was capable before then, but bulky," said Ms. Wu. "This design is low battery, low power, Bluetooth, and waterproof." It can also be programmed to work with new versions of iPhone and Android phones as well as some iPad and iPod Touch models.

The Upshot

What an amazing invention! We lost our son once in a hotel when he ran ahead of us in the hallway and jumped into a waiting elevator. We reached it just in time to see the doors close with him inside. We found him in the lobby 10 minutes later. But even 10 minutes was too long. I would definitely buy this helpful product. Would you?

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