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Dad Leaves Baby Inside Running, Unlocked Car to Go to Work

The Short of It

A dad is arrested for leaving his baby in an unlocked car inside a parking garage with the engine running while he went to work.

The Lowdown

Solomon Allen is a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in North Hollywood, Calif. According to CBS Los Angeles, the young dad parked his vehicle inside an adjacent parking garage and then left his 8-month-old daughter inside, with the doors unlocked and the car still running, while he went into the gym to work with a client this past Saturday.

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What's even more baffling is the gym offers child care, and Allen's daughter is old enough to attend. The baby was not discovered for over an hour, when a garage maintenance worker heard her crying inside the car.

The worker's supervisor, Jose Rivera, said, "He went into panic mode. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. A baby. Nobody around in the parking lot, not even walking by. He knew the baby had been, in his eyes, abandoned inside the vehicle. And the baby just seemed really bothered, in the baby seat and just constantly crying."

Allen was arrested on child endangerment charges. Los Angeles Police Department Captain Stephen Carmona commented, "It's extremely careless and it's very selfish to leave an infant that's 8 months old in a car with the motor running, unlocked in a parking structure at a public business."

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Some friends are standing behind the dad. One friend posted to social media, "Solomon Allen, a good guy. I've known him for years. We all do and done stupid stuff."

But others don't understand why a father would leave his baby unattended. One gym member, Michelle Myles, told CBS L.A., "I don't know. I'm a mother of two, and I wouldn't go to work. I mean, I would just call in; they have a day care in there."

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The Upshot

I would hope the $7 per hour child care charge was not what deterred Allen from bringing his daughter into the gym to be watched. But no matter the cost of the care, the truth is any number of horrible things could have happened to this little girl while her father was inside the gym.

Still, we don't know the full story. Did Allen feel he had no other options? What kinds of hardships was he potentially facing? Or was this just an act of pure stupidity?

According to the International Business Times, the baby is now in her mother's custody, and Allen is free on bail.

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