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Dad Pulls Son's Loose Tooth Out with a Life-Size Helicopter!

The Short of It

Why just pull your kid's tooth out the regular way when you can do something epic, like say, yank it out by flying a helicopter?

The Lowdown

Dad Rick Rahim, a commercial pilot in Virginia, had a son with a loose tooth. We've all been there, right? Only instead of taking his kid to the dentist, pulling it out with pliers, or using the good ol' doorknob trick, this guy had a better, more YouTube-worthy idea for extracting the chomper—fly the thing out with a helicopter.

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And so, the clip begins with Rahim's kid standing in a field with a long piece of string attached to his wobbly little tooth. At the other end is the twin engine, 1,000 horsepower chopper with dad on duty in the pilot's seat. With his headpiece in place, he gives his son a double thumb's up, then slowly begins lifting off the ground, easily removing the tooth in the process.

Pretty cool!

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The Upshot

I've taken both of my kids to the dentist to have their teeth pulled in the past—and believe me, it's no fun. Clearly, I am nowhere near as cool as Rick Rahim, who has just given the phrase "helicopter parent" a whole new bada*s meaning.

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Meanwhile, his kid was pretty much a rockstar the whole time, barely even flinching as the chopper pulled out his tooth! Hmm. I may just have to rent one of these bad boys the next time my kid's tooth starts to wiggle.

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