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Dad Shares Wife's Drawing That Nails What Goes on Inside a Mom's Head

The Short of It

A mom's drawing of the multitude of things on her mind is highly relatable to mothers everywhere.

The Lowdown

When I ask my husband what he's thinking, he usually answers me with a thought or two. When he asks me what I'm thinking, he'd better have some free time on his hands.

And thus, it makes sense that a photo of a drawing created by a mother depicting what is on her mind is going viral. Posted originally to Reddit, the image, which has been viewed more than 2.1 million times, was accompanied by this caption: "Asked my wife to draw me a picture of what is on her mind. This is her response."

Essentially, a blank page has been filled with feelings and concerns, big and small, that many moms obsess over on a daily basis. For instance:

  • WORK—co-workers, students, parents
  • My kids are so awesome + evil at the same time
  • I have student debt
  • Girl Scouts
  • The dirt under the fridge
  • Laundry, dinner, dishes, upstairs
  • So sleepy
  • Did that person look at me funny? Am I looking at them funny? Judgy people suck. Am I judgy?

The Upshot

That last one is my personal favorite! And yes, this drawing is so how it would look if I drew a picture of what is on my mind. From my children's health to what I'm going to make for dinner; how long it's been since the dog saw the vet; that kid's birthday party gift I need to buy; the work emails that have been sitting unanswered in my inbox for weeks; how my husband and I haven't been on a date in months; how I am running out of moisturizer; I haven't called my sister; the car needs to get washed; my daughter hasn't sold any Girl Scout cookies; they need Valentines for the school party; we need to do our taxes; and...

You get it. Um, maybe us moms need a break? Personal assistants? Medication?

Can you relate to this drawing?

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