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Dad Stabbed in Front of Child After Starting Road Rage Fight

The Short of It

Our shock and horror has yet to fade from the horrible murder of a 4-year-old child in a road rage incident in late October. Now another gruesome attack on our nation's roadways involving a child is making headlines—and the father reportedly started it.

The Lowdown

Last time it was Albuquerque, N.M., and this time northern California set the stage for terror on the road. A father was stabbed repeatedly with a knife in front of his 5-year-old after he reportedly followed Travis David Painter to his home after a traffic incident. Painter claims the unidentified father cut him off while driving, then wanted him to pull over, but Painter refused.

San Jose police spokesman Sgt. Enrique Garcia says the dad followed Painter to his home, and the men got into a fight. Painter pulled out a knife and stabbed the other man, who staggered back to his car, where his 5-year-old son was still sitting, Garcia said. The child was not harmed.

"By the time I turned my car off, he walked onto the grass and went to my car door. He pushed me against my car and struck me in the face. We started to brawl because I needed to protect myself," Painter recounts.

The San Jose dad is currently in the hospital and expected to survive. Painter says he was unaware a child was in the vehicle to witness the attack, which he contends was simply a matter of self-defense.

The Upshot

There have been many times that I have honked at another driver for cutting me off or exchanged heated words with a fellow motorist. But these two gruesome road rage incidents remind me it is never worth allowing a driving-related incident to get you upset. You just never know what another person is capable of! Why risk your safety, even your life, or that of your child, just to prove you had the right of way? Please, let's stay safe out on the road!

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