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Dad Writes Amazing Anti-Bullying Rap to Raise Kids' Confidence

The Short of It

Don’t mess with daddy’s girls! Khari Touré, an Oakland, California, poet and author—and father of three daughters—says his kids were bullied for their weight, appearance, and hair texture. But rather than confront the bullies, this awesome dad got creative instead. Touré wrote a song that doubles as an affirmation called “Love Yourself.” The music video features a diverse group of kids (his own and others from their community) with a clear message: You're awesome just the way you are.

The Lowdown

There's nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your child be bullied or teased for any reason. But when Khari Touré discovered his two older daughters, Ashé, 15, and Nia, 6, were getting picked on for their appearance, he decided to turn the negativity into something positive. “It made me want to write a song of affirmation for children that they could repeat to themselves," he told TODAY Parents. "It was a love letter not only to my daughters, but to every child who's been bullied, made fun of, and made to feel less-than, unworthy or unattractive."

That love letter song tuned into a music video featuring his beautiful daughters, as well as kids with special needs—who often get bullied most of all. The chorus: "I'm beautiful. I'm worthy. And those mean words can't hurt me. I'm priceless. I'm smart. And I love myself; I'm focused on my health” is something all parents and children should hear. Listen—and then share it with your kids:


The Upshot

Dad knows best: "I want all children to keep this—throughout when they're young—so they can grow up really internalizing the words and believing in their own beauty and brilliance,” he said. "It's so hard trying to instill confidence in children when they've been bullied by other children, but I'm going to do it." Talk about a smart, cool, and amazing role model to have as a dad. We’ve all read stories about parents confronting young bullies or picking fights with parents on the soccer field. Touré didn’t stoop to that level, because is it really effective? No. What is? Art, music, dancing, and a song that celebrates children in all their glory and teaches them to ignore the haters.

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