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Dad's Bathtub Selfie with Daughter Lands Him in Hot Water

The Short of It

Danish comedian and dad Torgen Chris is being taken to task for posting a picture on social media of him and his toddler daughter taking a bath together.

The Lowdown

Chris posted the picture—which shows him naked (his private parts are covered in the shot) in the tub playing with his 2-year-old daughter—to Facebook, where it quickly started going viral, thanks in large part to the comedian's caption.

"Listen: It's OK for children and adults to be naked together," he wrote. "If we could not bear to see each other naked, we would have been born with clothes on."

Discussing nudity is nothing new for Chris, whose one man show 'jydelogik' is a critique of the supposed Danish fear of nakedness. After pointing out society's exaggerated fear and apprehension of letting adults be naked around kids during one of his recent shows, Chris said several men got in touch with him. They thanked him for bravely exposing the matter and shared that they often felt under suspicion from people who had seen pictures of them bathing with their daughters in bathtubs.

"There is nothing wrong with a dad washing his daughter's butt and private parts while she is a child," Chris said in his post. "Rather, it is very disgusting if nobody does it, and unfair if only the mother does. Nudity with your child is not disgusting, it's natural."

The Upshot

As bathtub selfies increasingly become a thing, the age at which parents should stop bathing and/or showering with their kids is becoming more and more of a hotly debated topic. I know plenty of parents who would never even walk around naked in front of their children, and plenty more who hop into their shower with their kids on the regular without thinking twice.

The bottom line? I think every family should decide what works best for them, based on their own level of comfort and with a basic understanding of their child's development. That being said, if you or your child seem to be uncomfortable with the shared experience, you should stop right away.

What do you think?

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