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Dad's Stranger Danger Test for Teen Sons Goes Epically Wrong

The Short of It

A dad's ill-conceived plan to teach his teens about stranger danger majorly backfires.

The Lowdown

Bilal Abdul Mani of Cleveland had warned his teenage sons, 14 and 16, not to allow strangers into their home when he wasn't there. In an attempt to see whether they would follow his advice, the dad asked a friend to pose as an ex-con and knock on their door. But the friend took things way too far.

"He's like, if I start chopping up bodies in here, then I'm gonna be the bad guy. I just got out of jail two weeks ago," one of the terrified teens told cops, according to PIX 11 TV. Police say the man was in contact by phone with the father, who resisted halting the charade.

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"It was a lesson that I was trying to teach that went bad," Abdul Mani now admits.

In fact, his younger son let the "stranger" in the house, hid in a bedroom, and called 911. The boys then jumped out a window and ran to a neighbor's house.

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"Knowing that they reacted the way they reacted, no, I would have did it another way," the dad now says.

The Upshot

A prosecutor is now considering pressing child-endangering charges against the adults involved.

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Honestly, this father is lucky his sons weren't injured during this ridiculous scheme. There are clearly much better ways to "test" your kids, like talking through scenarios and having emergency plans in place. Shame on him!

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