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Daughter Warns Father about Dangers of Being a Girl in #DearDaddy Video

The Short of It

A new Care Norway video called #DearDaddy is going viral with its message about the dangers of being a girl.

The Lowdown

"Dear Daddy," begins the video, which is narrated from a daughter's perspective and has been viewed almost 3 million times. "Thank you for looking after me so well." We see a pregnant woman, who at first we assume is speaking. But then we understand the voice belongs to her baby, who is not yet born.

"You see, I will be born a girl," the voice continues, and then warns her father that by the time she is 14, the boys in her class will have called her a "whore."

"It's just for fun of course; something boys do," she says, adding that perhaps her daddy did the same thing as a teen, to impress his friends or fit in.

"By the time I'm 16, some of the boys will have snuck their hands down my pants...," And here, we see a teen girl, who is clearly very drunk, being taken advantage of by a boy at a party. The girl goes on to tell her father she will be raped by the time she's 21—by the son of a friend he knew as a young man and with whom he joked about girls being whores.

It gets worse. The daughter in the video, which was created by the women's rights group to encourage an end to male violence, goes on to share that one day, her own fiancé will call her a whore and physically abuse her. He will even almost kill her.

"Nobody saw this coming," she says.

Watch the video here, but be warned, it contains graphic language and images:

The Upshot

The point is, the comments boys make matter. They mean something. And all fathers have a responsibility toward women not to stay silent if they hear this type of rhetoric from other men and boys. Words have consequences; now and in the future.

"Dear Daddy," the daughter says at the end of the video. "This is the favor I want to ask. One thing always leads to another. So please stop it before it has the chance to begin. Don't let my brothers call girls whores. Because they're not."

The final plea is that she knows her father will protect her from lions, tigers and guns. But he must also make sure being born a girl is not the greatest danger of all.

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