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Deputies Arrest Dad for Shoplifting, Then Buy Shoes for His Kids

The Short of It

After Michigan parents are caught stealing kids' shoes, the cops called to the scene decide to buy them for the family.

The Lowdown

Three deputies were called to a Wal-Mart to deal with a husband and wife who were caught stealing hunting supplies and children's shoes while their two young children were with them. But instead of detaining the suspects, Sgt. Adam Lamb and deputies John Balowski and Kyle Boyd went into good deed mode.

Lamb told the Mason County Press that after speaking with the mom and dad, he discovered they were having a really hard time financially, which is why they had stolen both the shoes and the hunting supplies, which the husband was planning to use to harvest a deer.

"I noticed the children didn't have any shoes on, and I asked the mother if the kids had shoes. She said yes and showed me two pairs of very worn out shoes with holes in them," Lamb said. "The kids were crying, and the 4-year-old kept asking us not to arrest their daddy. It's always a tough position to be in because when the law is broken we have to do our jobs. But, it's tough for kids to see their daddy get arrested. We don't want kids to have the impression that police are people who take their parents away."

Instead, the father was charged with a misdemeanor. But the three officers still felt like they needed to do something for the children. So they pooled their money and bought them new shoes.

"We all have children whose ages are close proximity to the kids from this incident," said Balowski. "I think it's in our best interest as law enforcement to set an example for our children and for adults. Sure, we have to enforce the law, and there has to be consequences for stealing. But people fall under hard times, and we are all neighbors here."

The Upshot

The officers' kindness and generosity hasn't gone unnoticed. While the men weren't looking for recognition and decided to keep the incident to themselves, it wasn't long before news of the amazing good deed spread to Sheriff Kim Cole.

"These men didn't do anything for any glory and didn't even think it necessary to tell me about what they did," she told the Mason County Press. "They love serving and ask nothing in return."

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