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Did This Mom's Halloween Decorations Go Too Far?

The Short of It

Parma, Ohio, mom Vicki Barrett goes all out decorating her yard for Halloween. But this year, her super-gory display upset people—and caused Barrett to fear for her family's safety.

The Lowdown

For the third year in a row, Barrett adorned her front lawn with displays of bloodied figures with knives and syringes sticking out of them. A few are hanging upside down, or impaled. The horror movie-worthy decor received a lot of attention, just not the kind Barrett hoped for.

With an elementary school just down the street, people started complaining. At first, Barrett maintained that it's a parent's job to tell children the displays are fake, and she stood by her right to freely express herself.

But when gripes ramped up to trespassing on her property, Barrett began to reconsider her stance. "I came down one night a little bit after midnight and happened to see stuff flashing in my front yard and looked out my window and our front yard was full of people that we didn't know," the upset mom said in an interview.

Intimidated, Barrett ultimately decided to take down her over-the-top Halloween decor, and now insists she doesn't even want to participate in the holiday at all.

The Upshot

The gory displays Barrett is so fond of are definitely not my thing, but it is her property, and she should be able to do with it what she pleases. That being said, for most people, impaled, bloody figures are disgusting, not desirable. Check out these ideas for more family friendly Halloween decorations.

What's your take?

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