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Disabled Teen with Cancer Turned Away from Nail Salon

The Short of It

A fun outing to a shopping mall turned into a very sad day for 13-year-old Patricia Moore, who is now disabled after a battle with cancer. That's because a California nail salon turned her away due to the fact she is in a wheelchair.

The Lowdown

Patricia has spent the past four months in the hospital being treated for a cancerous tumor in her nervous system. To brighten her spirits after a grueling regimen of chemotherapy and radiation, her mom Shannon took her to a Palmdale mall for shopping and beauty treatments.

But when the mom and daughter entered Queen's Nails, Shannon says the nail technicians wouldn't work on the teen.

"[They] just looked at Patricia and said, 'No,'" Shannon told CBS News.

"I felt upset and sad," Patricia said.

I can't even image how I would feel if this happened to my child. How cruel. I'm angry for this mom!

But Shannon is more than just angry. She claims the salon violated the federal Americans With Disabilities Act, which requires businesses to make reasonable accommodations for disabled people.

The Upshot

A reporter from local news station CBS Los Angeles went back to the salon with Shannon and Patricia to ask if, in fact, the teen was turned away because she's in a wheelchair. A conflicting story emerged, with one associate saying yes, that was the reason, and another apologizing profusely and promising to make amends.

"We're very sorry for any misunderstanding, and you're always welcome here, anytime, and I'd be glad to take care of you personally as well," Queen's Nails employee Long Nguyen told the reporter.

Nguyen also insisted the salon is making efforts to be more accommodating and compassionate, releasing this statement: "It was never our intention to hurt her feelings in any way. We hope to move onward and possibly have a positive relationship with this amazing young lady."

Shannon just wants to prevent this same sad situation from happening to another disabled person.

I hope this salon or another local salon will indulge brave Patricia with a full day of beauty treatments, free of charge, which she so clearly deserves.

Palmdale salon owners: Any takers?

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