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Doctor Battles Flood Waters to Deliver Babies

The Short of It

A Houston doctor waded through waist-high flood waters to get to the hospital in time to deliver two babies.

The Lowdown

Houston OB-GYN Bassem Maximos was on his way to the hospital to attend to two women in labor when his car got stuck in a road that was flooded due to heavy rains. Determined to reach his patients, he abandoned his car and walked through waist-high water for half a mile to get to them.

First-time mom Monika Thiede and third-time mom Melissa Vasquez were laboring on different floors of the hospital when nurses told them what was happening. Though both women were worried Dr. Maximos wouldn't make it in time, he kept calling in to update the nurses on his progress.

He arrived just in time to help Vasquez give birth to her baby girl, Mila, and then he delivered Thiede's firstborn, a little boy named Bradley.

The Upshot

While it's admirable that Dr. Maximos made such an effort to get to his patients and their arriving babies, wading through flood waters is not recommended. Water can be moving faster than it appears and can sweep people away without warning. I'm sure there was another obstetrics doctor at the hospital who could have attended to the doctor's patients, so he didn't have to put himself in danger.

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