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Doctor Compiles 'Ultimate' Push Playlist for Moms in Labor

The Short of It

As more and more pregnant couples showed up in his delivery room with "push playlists," one doctor in New York City decided to team up with Spotify to make his own.

The Lowdown

According to Spotify, more than 90,000 users have made push playlists to listen to while they give birth. Now Dr. Jacques Moritz—an NYC OB/GYN who says about two-thirds of his patients show up with playlists—has teamed up with the music streaming service to create what he considers to be the "ultimate" push playlist for the patients who roll into the delivery room without one.

"Labor is a really tough thing," the doctor told Today. "It goes on for a long time, so we try to find things that are comfortable and soothing. Music can be very soothing. It's like having a familiar friend singing to you."

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That is, if your friends include John Legend, Pearl Jam, Beyonce, U2 and Pink, who all made the cut. Dr. Moritz says he chose songs that "mirror the birthing experience," starting with slower beats and then moving into stronger ones. That makes sense. And we gotta give him bonus points for the clever inclusion of David Bowie's "Under Pressure" and Coldplay's "Don't Panic."

But where, oh where, is Salt N Pepa's "Push It"?

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The Upshot

Push playlists aren't new, of course, although I didn't have one when I gave birth to either of my kids back in the early aughts. But that's mostly because I would've had to make a mix tape and schlep along a boombox (remember those?).

Now iPhones and portable speakers have made the practice much more common. In fact, at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where Dr. Moritz practices, the rooms actually have wireless speakers built into the walls that sync with patients' smartphones.

Pretty cool!

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If you choose to make your own playlist, the good doctor suggests adding songs that are comforting and familiar. And don't forget to mix up the genres and artists, since you never can tell how long labor will actually take.

"You learn a lot about people from their musical tastes," he told Today. "And then the whole conversation drifts away from the labor and time just goes by."

Easy for him to say!

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