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Doctor Delivers Baby Via FaceTime

The Short of It

FaceTime is good for a lot of things, like keeping in close touch with grandparents and friends who live far away. But for delivering a baby? Well, one New Jersey mom didn't have a choice but to connect with her doctor via the video chat app to guide her through her recent birth.

The Lowdown

Keyanna Rivera expected her prenatal doctor's office visit at a local clinic to be routine. But when her water broke and her baby started to come out, things changed quickly.

Rivera's doctor, OB-GYN Meena Devalla, was operating on another patient at a nearby hospital 20 minutes away. The baby couldn't wait for Dr. Devalla to return, nor was he willing to hang tight for an ambulance. So Rivera's husband held up a cell phone, so they could FaceTime with the doctor.

Dr. Devalla proceeded to instruct her staff how to deliver Rivera's son. This was the brave mama's fourth baby, so she was able to remain calm during the unconventional delivery.

"It was comforting to know that she wasn't there physically, but she was still telling them, 'Clamp here,' and 'make sure the baby's breathing,' and do this, and do that. That really put my mind at ease," Rivera told My Fox NY.

Meanwhile, Rivera says she's surprised her husband didn't hit the floor!

As for Dr. Devalla, she admits the experience threw her a bit, but she says her staff really stepped up to help out in the emergency.

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The Upshot

Thankfully, baby Raphael is safe and sound after his FaceTime delivery. But as a mom-of-three and considering a fourth, I have to say I would be a bit uneasy giving birth if my doctor wasn't there. Still, I would be a lot less nervous having delivered three times before than if it were my first!

Can you imagine being in Rivera's shoes?

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