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Dude, Watch This 5-Year-Old's Epic Surfing Moves!

The Short of It

This video of a 5-year-old surfing prodigy from the Philippines will do one of two things: awe you or make you feel completely inadequate.

The Lowdown

Kai Kai Alcala isn't even old enough to go to first grade, but he can already surf like a champion. The tot started mastering his surfboard skills just over a year ago, and he already has mastered waves in a way most adults only dream about.

"People are in awe when they see Kai Kai....He is so small he looks like a remote-control toy. Everyone is just blown away by his skills, and most people stop surfing just so they can watch him," said Kyron Rathbone, who is a sponsored big-wave surfer, stand-up paddleboarder and fiancé of Alcala's mother.

Rathbone is not the only pro-surfer Alcala is close with. His mom Manette Alcala, is a five-time Philippine national surfing champion, while the little guy's uncle, Piso Alcala, is a three-time Cloud 9 International surfing champion. Dude!

The Upshot

Alcala hopes to also be a champion surfer when he grows up. In the meantime, he is determined to perfect his skills. He never gives up, even when he gets hurt, or as surfers call it, "wipes out." The impressive kiddo says riding waves makes him happy.

Does it make you happy to watch him? Or do you feel like you are a total wimp like I do? Because even now, I'm intimidated by boogie boarding!

Hang ten!

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