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Duggar Family Gone Wild Kissing on Instagram

Short & Sweet

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald didn't even kiss in public at their wedding. They sweetly saved their "first kiss" for just the two of them, but since then, Duggar family members have been Instagramming racy kissing photos, even Michelle and Jim Bob.

The Lowdown

I'm no prude by any stretch of the imagination, and I think it is both cool and endearing that Jessa and Ben saved their first kiss for just themselves. At that point they had never kissed once, so why should everyone get to watch like some sort of freak show?

If you think about it, it could have been sloppy, awkward (who went left and who went right?) or just down right bad. By the time most of us have our "first kiss" as a married couple, it's special because it's the first kiss as Mr. and Mrs., but we've had some practice.

To be honest, in my early 20s, a kiss was like a handshake. The thing that made our first kiss at the church so special was that he was the last person I would ever kiss like that. I think that's pretty special too.

Anyways, Jessa and Ben Instagrammed a photo of themselves smooching, which I guess, was so the whole world had confirmation that they had actually kissed. Inquiring minds not only want to know, they want proof.

The part that kind of weirded me out, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar replicated the kissing photo and texted it to Jessa, who in turn made it into the world's most awkward kiss Instagram.

The Upshot

I'm not sure what the eldest Duggars were trying to prove, but if it was to gross me out, they succeeded. They also made me realize that none of us are really as sexy and cute as we think we are when we're making out. Let's keep it classy people; pecks in public and save the salivating for the privacy of your own home. It also made me realize, everything looks better when you are in your 20s.

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