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Dynamic Duo: Dad Dresses as Superhero to Boost Daughter's Confidence

The Short of It

Danny Arnold's 3-year-old daughter, Phoebe, was embarrassed to rock a Batman costume for Superhero Day at school, so her dad put on his old Superman Halloween costume and walked in with her!

The Lowdown

Arnold bought Phoebe a Batman costume for her special day, but the toddler was too embarrassed to wear it, according to Arnold's fiancée, Claire Phipps.

"This was the first time I've seen my little one feel less about herself, which to me was heartbreaking," she told Today.

But instead of just letting his little girl miss the opportunity to join in on the fun, Arnold summoned his own superpower and turned himself into a real-life version of the Man of Steel in order to teach Phoebe to believe in herself.

"He told her he would take her to nursery dressed as Superman, and that it didn't matter what anyone else thought just as long as she was happy," said Phipps. "He told her if anyone said anything, that their opinions didn't matter because the costume wasn't just for boys; girls could wear it as well."

The Upshot

What an awesome lesson from a clearly amazing father! Phipps thought so too, so she posted a photo of the caped crusaders—captioned "Walking to School Like a Boss"—on the Life of Dad Facebook page, where it quickly began to go viral.

"An inspiration to all Dads!!!" wrote one commenter. "Get your superman on! Love this!"

"There's a Daddy right there..." wrote another. "Beautiful xxxx."

As for Super Dad himself, Arnold was surprised by the response to the photo but he's glad it's sending such a positive message about fatherhood to other dads of girls.

"I'm of the belief that, if I show my girls how they should be treated by men, then they will have very high standards when they are older," he said. "So I am making sure to set the bar very high."

Or as one commenter put it: "Always be yourself. Unless you can be batman."

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