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Elementary Schoolers Save Man from Fire by Using Their Water Guns

The Short of It

A group of neighborhood kids in North Dakota used their Super Soaker water guns to douse a fire to save a man's life.

The Lowdown

Talk about a bunch of sharp shooters! Five kids were outside having a water gun fight when they saw a fire on the deck of a nearby apartment. After alerting the resident—who they realized was on oxygen and couldn't leave or put out the fire—the kids took action, and armed only with their water guns, managed to get the flames under control before firefighters arrived!

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" They had some super soakers, so they had some pretty good range," West Fargo Fire Chief Daniel Fuller told the local newspaper Inforum. "They had to refill a couple of times, but they pretty much got the fire out. It was just smoldering when we got there."

Pretty impressive, considering all five kids are still in elementary school. In fact, when the firefighters were told that neighbors helped put out the fire, they expected them to be adults.

"I was really surprised," Fuller said. "It's pretty unusual."

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The Upshot

What a savvy group of kids! Their neighbor was very lucky to have them around because not only did Fuller say their collective quick thinking kept the building from extensive fire damage, he said it probably saved the life of their neighbor as well.

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Firefighters believe the fire was caused by smoking materials that had been discarded in a planter. By the way, this is an important reminder that all leftover smoking materials should be soaked in water before being tossed, and planters are a bad place for disposal since the peat moss in potting soil is highly flammable.

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