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Elmo and U.S. Surgeon General Team Up for Vaccine PSA

The Short of It

Do you have a kid who is scared of getting shots? You'll probably want to show him this public service announcement starring Elmo and U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

The Lowdown

In the PSA, the beloved Sesame Street star asks Dr. Murthy why we get vaccinated, and he explains in a simple, fun, but medically correct way just how vaccines protect us from getting sick—by creating antibodies.

"Antibodies are like superheroes," Dr. Murthy says in the video. "They can spot the germs a mile away and take them out before they ever make you sick."

Then, Elmo agrees to get his vaccinations. While Nurse Jane (who looks shockingly like the nurse who gave my son his vaccines this morning—I did a double take!) administers the shots, Elmo sings "Shake It Off" to distract himself and doesn't even notice the pinch.

The Upshot

The video has got Elmo singing a Taylor Swift song, so of course, it's really adorable. Plus, it can help any parent explain to their children why they're going to the doctor and getting painful shots. Once they get the main purpose—and sing their own song—they just might hate it less.

It also takes a small stab (no pun intended) at the anti-vaccine community. When Elmo asks Dr. Murthy why everyone doesn't get vaccinated, the Surgeon General replies, "That's a good question, Elmo; that's a good question." Then they both rub their chins and stare into the camera as if in deep thought.

Watch for yourself!

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