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Facebook Aims To Make New Feature More Likeable

Short & Sweet

Facebook just updated its privacy policy page to include a new, more user-friendly format.

The Lowdown

Love posting photos of your little one to Facebook? Don't we all! But sometimes, you worry about who can see your newest snapshot of sweet little Sarah trying peas for the first time or being silly in the bath.

Ugh, who has the time to peruse the social sharing site's privacy policy? It used to be 9,000 words long! By the time you get through the first 100 words, Sarah needs a diaper change and a nap. Forget it!

Good thing the site just updated its policy to include a new, more user-friendly format. According to NPR, the new version only contains 2,700 words—phew! But beyond its attempt at brevity, Facebook is also hoping to make your experience interfacing with the policy more enjoyable.

Check out the new and improved Privacy Basics. Questions, such as who sees what when you post a status update, are answered using graphics and simple bullet points to, well, get to the point. Yup, everything seems pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

The Upshot

Although the policy is a little easier to navigate and comprehend, it's worth noting that the content has not changed much, if at all. In fact, critics point out that Facebook is still collecting users' personal information for targeted advertising purposes. So the notion that any privacy is truly involved in using the site may be misleading in the first place.

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