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Facebook Friends Come to Mom's Rescue While at ER with Baby

Kaylee and Dominic/Facebook

The Short of It

As much as we parents try to plan for everything, sometimes we have to rely on the generosity of others to make it through tough situations. Kaylee Goemans learned this lesson when she took her 6-week-old son to the local ER and had to rely on others to avoid having her car towed.

The Lowdown

Baby Dominic has been crying for two-hour-long bouts while he battles a bloated belly and tries to pass gas. The Barrie, Ontario, mom knew she needed to follow-up with the doctor, so she took her baby in for a set of ultrasounds and X-rays for a diagnosis. When the results came back, Kaylee's doctor told her to get to the ER fast because her son has a loop in his bowels.

When the mom arrived at the hospital's ER, she opted to park at a meter to avoid the $15 parking fee on the hospital's property. She plugged the meter for four hours, not realizing her son would need treatment that would keep them in the hospital for nine hours.

She didn't want to leave her son, so the quick-thinking mom reached for her phone and posted a note to the New Barrie Moms Everything Buy and Swap Facebook group about her situation and concern that her car would be towed—an expense she simply couldn't afford due to her recent unemployment and ineligibility for Canada's paid pregnancy leave benefits. The community of online friends responded with encouragement, support and money for the parking meter.

"Women just started pouring in, asking what car I drove and where I was parked to put change in for me," she explained to Today Parents.

The mom of three received more than 100 comments on her post, including offers to bring her food at the hospital.

"My day was turned upside down when I was told to go to the ER immediately," she said. "You're terrified. And the stress of seeing so many doctors poking and hooking your baby up to wires and drawing blood is just heartbreaking. Knowing I had all these ladies there for me, to help me with parking, meals and even hugs, made me able to focus just on my son and his needs."

The Upshot

Baby Dominic was diagnosed with intussusception, a painful disorder that prevents food and fluids from passing normally through his intestines and cuts off blood flow. He is scheduled to undergo a procedure soon, and he may need surgery in the future.

Although the poor baby is still having discomfort, he's lucky to have such a loving mom who takes care of his needs quickly and knows when to turn to others for help. Moms, sometimes you can't do it all. This is one story that reminds us to ask for help when we need it, especially when we need to use our energy to focus on our families.

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