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Facebook's new 'Scrapbook' Helps Parents Create Online Baby Books


The Short of It

Your kids may be too young for a Facebook account, but now you can create an online scrapbook about them to store and share photos with family and friends through the social media platform.

The Lowdown

The "Scrapbook" feature will allow parents to create customizable photo albums of their kids through the site.

This solves a few problems for parents: Currently, kids under 13 aren't permitted to have Facebook accounts, which means "tagging" your baby in pictures to create a timeline for him isn't a possibility. Plus, many parents also worry about their kids having an online presence at a young age.

With "Scrapbook," you can name the album after your child or use a nickname to tag him. You can choose which family members to share the album with, and only parents (if designated as "parents" on Facebook) can add photos to it.

The Upshot

If you're like me, you're probably taking a million photos of your kids with your phone and posting your favorites on social media, so it makes sense that this feature is being offered. It would be an entirely new (and time-consuming) project to create a conventional baby book photo album. This seems much easier, both to create and to share.

But many of us are already in the habit of sharing photos of our kids on our own feeds and photo albums. What do you think; will you use the new "Scrapbook" feature?

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