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Family's Video Baby Monitor Hacked and Shared Around the World

The Short of It

So creepy! A Rochester, Minn., family, who wish to remain anonymous, found out their video baby monitor was hacked and feeds from their home—and thousands of others all over the world—are online.

The Lowdown

Many of us have them—baby video monitors that connect to Wi-Fi, allowing you to check in on your baby from your mobile phone. But this family found that others could glimpse into their nursery, too.

One night, when the parents were sleeping, they heard music coming from their baby's nursery. When they went into the room, the music stopped, and they figured out it had been coming from their Foscam baby monitor.

"We were able to track down the IP address through the Foscam software and found out that it was coming from Amsterdam," the mother told local NBC affiliate KTTC. "That IP had a web link attached to it."

When they went to the link, they found thousands of hacked camera feeds from inside homes across the globe, searchable by country.

"There's at least 15 different countries listed, and it's not just nurseries. It's people's living rooms, their bedrooms, their kitchens," she explained. "Every place that people think is sacred and private in their home is being accessed."

At one point, they turned the video camera toward the closet, and when they returned to the room, it had moved to face the other direction. Since then, they've disabled their video monitors.


The Upshot

It's not really clear why the homes' feeds are being displayed online, but it seems to be automatic. The family turned their monitor back on for the TV news segment and soon pictures from that short time period appeared online.

The parents are urging others to change the default passwords on their video monitors so they're harder to hack. A similar incident happened recently to a nanny in Texas.

I don't use a video monitor anymore, but I used to, and I'm having a little regret about regularly breastfeeding in front of it. Oops.

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