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Fans of 'Cards Against Humanity' Create a Version for Parents

The Short of It

Creative couple designs a "Cards Against Humanity" 2.0 of sorts by highlighting the ups and downs of parenting in the game.

The Lowdown

Good news, parents! There's now a version of "Cards Against Humanity" that you can really relate to. Wayan and Amy Vota have developed their own version of Cards Against Humanity called KinderPerfect that features 200 question and answer cards that match the daily struggles of parenting with the hilarity of the in-your-face card game.

Here are a few examples:


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The couple told The Huffington Post that many of the cards come from their own experiences raising two daughters—7-year-old Hanalei and 5-year-old Archer.

"Like every parent, we love our kids, but they can drive us crazy," said Wayan, who brought his prior experience developing word association games to the table. "It's their antics, and those of other children, that inspired many of the cards."

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The Upshot

I'm not gonna lie. My husband and I actually played the regular, risque version of this game with our kids once when we were all stuck home during a blizzard. Because we are those parents. And yes, we totally felt guilty about it. Which is why I can't wait to get my hands on the tamer version by the Votas.

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Luckily, the couple has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to get KinderPerfect onto Amazon sometime this fall. In the meantime, they're taking online suggestions from other moms and dads via an online form. So cool! And not only that, but Wayan said they'll give a final version of the game to anyone whose idea is selected!

Game on!

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