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Farrah Abraham Gets Mom Shamed for 'Provocative' Pics of 7-Year-Old Daughter

The Short of It

Farrah Abraham is under fire for posting pics on Instagram of her 7-year-old daughter Sophia modeling in a bathing suit and makeup.


The Lowdown

The "Teen Mom OG" star was slammed by haters over the weekend after she posted a modeling shot on Instagram of her little girl lying in the water in a swimsuit.


"Happy #sunday @rlsmodelsphotography God gave me an extraordinary young lady," Abraham captioned the pic. "I'm so blessed - excited to see all the great things flourish in Sophias life journey #blessed #beauty #photography. [sic]"

So, what's all the fuss about? Apparently, Sophia's heavily made-up face and non-smiling suggestive stare are what have Abraham's followers all fired up.

"She is too young to be taking pictures like this," wrote one commenter. "Grown woman take pictures like this not precious little girls. [sic]"

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"This is just disgusting," added another. "What a horrible mother she has. Talk about attention seeking. Good luck to her daughter."

A few days earlier, the reality star had posted another shot of her daughter posing in a bikini while leaning up against a tree:


Personally, I found the image to be innocent and adorable, but some of Abraham's followers disagree.

"This picture is so wrong," one of them wrote. "Just let her be a little girl....why make her grow up so fast??"

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The Upshot

Look, I get it. Would I have taken—or posted—a pic of my daughter like the first one of little Sophia submerged in water with her face all made up? Definitely not.

But don't get it twisted. These are modeling pics, people! If you click on the modeling agency's website, you'll find lots of shots of other kids just like this one.

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It doesn't make it right for me or my family, but each mom to her own. I've got my own kids to worry about, so you just keep doing, you, Farrah!

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