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Dad Illegally Installs Stop Signs in His Neighborhood to Curb Speeding Drivers

The Short of It

Don't mess with Kurt Smith! The Colorado dad of two had had enough with speeding cars in his neighborhood and decided to do something about it: He illegally installed two stop signs in front of his house. Authorities weren't so keen with Smith's action (although the signs were legal—Smith works for a sign company—they weren't placed legally) and removed the signs. But Smith may not be deterred...

The Lowdown

Smith wanted to protect his kids—and all the other neighborhood kids—from cars that sometimes speed through his neighhood at up to 50 mph. One neighborhood kid, 11-year-old, Andrew Tschetter, was almost struck by a speeding car—and it's close calls like that helped spur Smith's action. He started by placing "slowdown" safety signs, and when those didn't have the desired effect, upgraded to real red stop signs. But 24 hours later Douglas County Sheriff's deputies removed them. "I put up some legal stop signs but illegally placed them," Smith told NBC News 9.

He could face a misdemeanor for hindering transportation, but that threat isn't stopping his mission to keep kids on his street safe. "I guarantee it will be done again before next Saturday," Smith said.

The Upshot

Last summer, a colleague of mine's daughter was stuck and killed by a car. So I'm all for Smith's move. You should hear me screaming, "SLOW DOWN!" at cars that pass our home at fast speeds. I feel like I've been vigilant with my child when it comes traffic and the good 'ole look both ways. But so was my colleague. Tragedy can happen in a split second.

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