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Fight Breaks Out Among Parents at High School Game

The Short of It

Parents were caught on camera starting a huge fight in the stands at a New Jersey high school football game over the weekend. Now the footage is going viral.

The Lowdown

A large fight broke out over the weekend at a state championship high school football game between Brick Memorial and Jackson at Rutgers University's stadium.

Who lost? The parents.

With about a minute left in the game, there was suddenly "chaos" taking place in the stands.

"It was really crazy," Brick senior Ryan January told Asbury Park Press. "I've seen fights before, but I've never seen such an intense brawl at a high school game before. Just a massive amount of people involved in one situation, which was ridiculous."

So January whipped out his phone and started shooting the action. Then he posted his video to Facebook, where it has received more than 20,000 views and hundreds of comments.

"Parents starting fights with students at the brick memorial vs Jackson memorial states game. Disgusting [sic]," he wrote in the caption. "These parents were supporting the same team too."

The 51-second clip shows a group of spectators on the Brick side of the stands shouting, pushing and shoving each other just minutes before Jackson claimed the NJSIAA Central Group IV state football championship. And while there is no hitting shown in the video, a Brick student was apparently struck during the debacle.



Parents starting fights with students at the brick memorial vs Jackson memorial states game. Disgusting. These parents were supporting the same team too.

Posted by Ryan January on Saturday, December 5, 2015

Brick Superintendent Dr. Richard Caldes told the Asbury Park Press that the fighting began after a parent threw a megaphone into the student section, adding that he was "appalled" at the "poor" behavior of adults in the crowd and the "inappropriateness of the situation that was occurring." He said he was proud, however of the way most students reacted.

"A lesson that the adults aren't always the ones that behave correctly," he said. "In this situation, our students stood out."

The Upshot

High school athletic events should be about good sportsmanship and parents supporting kids. This is what happens when that system breaks down and parents refuse to act like grown-ups. To say these parents are doing their kids a disservice with this type of behavior would be a huge understatement.

Or as one Brick parent who commented on Facebook put it: "All of the parents shown should be ashamed of themselves. They lacked logic, reason, class......the list is endless but most of all they lacked being a good example for their own children.[sic]"

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