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Firefighters Give Girl Fire Truck Escort to Her Final Chemo Session

The Short of It

A California girl battling cancer rides to her final chemotherapy session in a fire truck!

The Lowdown

Six-year-old Finley Brown hasn't let her rare form of kidney cancer, which affects just 7 out of 1 million kids, or the loss of her hair from chemo, dim her outgoing personality. While at a fair recently, the brave child walked up to a group of firefighters and thanked them for keeping her safe.

Firefighter Lucas Lambert told Today how they met: "Finley caught our eye initially because she didn't have any hair, and then because she started talking to us—this little girl had a ton of confidence. She wasn't shy at all. She introduced both her little brother and babysitter to us and had no problems asking questions. And then she went on to tell us her story and started showing off her scars and telling us what she had been through in the past month or so."

Since meeting the little girl, the Moraga-Orinda Fire District hosted a fundraiser to send her family to Disneyland, and they provided some very special transportation for Finley to her final chemo session: a fire truck!

"I'd never seen someone with such a big smile going to the hospital. I was having just as much fun as she was," said Lambert.



Posted by A.J. Robinson Brown on Monday, December 21, 2015

The Upshot

Finley's mom said about the firefighters who have taken her daughter under their wing, "They've just been incredible, fireman Lucas in particular. Like we didn't have enough reasons to love firemen already! They put their lives on the line to keep people safe every day, and on top of that, they do amazing things like this."

She says her little girl is looking forward to getting back to kid stuff following her final treatment, and the entire family will be visiting Disneyland in April.

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