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Funny Video Series Makes It Easier to Talk to Teens about Underage Drinking

The Short of It

It's prom and graduation season, which means it's the perfect time for you to sit down and talk to your teen about underage drinking. And a new video series makes it a whole lot less painful.

The Lowdown

In order to help parents prepare to tackle the topic of alcohol use with their kids, Anheuser-Busch has teamed up with comedy troupe Second City to add a creative twist to its Family Talk About Drinking program.

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Using comedy to break the ice about a serious topic, the short, '80s-themed throwback videos take parents back to when they were teens, as a way to encourage them to stay connected with their own kids and help encourage them to make smart decisions.

"Our No. 1 goal is to arm parents with educational information and content that helps fuel open and honest conversations with their teens about underage drinking," said Anheuser-Busch's Katja Zastrow. "We are taking a different approach to simplify our messaging and help drive conversations with parents and teenagers."

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Each scenario is set to the tune of Asia's hit song, "Heat of the Moment," and plays out the different effects of making bad decisions—things like skipping college, getting matching couple tattoos, and depending too much on mommy and daddy. But each spot has the same takeaway: Be sure to talk with your teens about underage drinking—a point that's driven home in the final video that features the "school principal."

"Things can get a lot worse if teenagers decide to include drinking alcohol as part of their night," the principal says. "Good thing that you've talked to your teenager about underage drinking. You have had that talk, haven't you?"

The Upshot

My daughter starts high school next year, and I've already had that talk with her—although I'm sure it's one we'll find ourselves revisiting again and again over the next four years.

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Figuring out how to discuss alcohol with a teen isn't easy. So if haven't spoken with your child yet, the Family Talk series offers some great tips on how to begin these important conversations.

And even if you have, you're gonna want to watch all the hilarious videos anyway. Trust me. Here's a few more:

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