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Gay Dads of Instagram Fame Are Now the Faces of Nikon

The Short of It

Remember the web-famous gay dads, Kordale and Kaleb, from Atlanta, Ga., whose Instagram picture of their morning routine with their children went viral last year? They received a lot of attention, both negative and positive, for their lifestyle choices. Now, the family is representing Nikon in a beautiful ad campaign titled "I Am Generation Image," in which this couple "with something to say" was provided a high-end camera to record their daily life.

The Lowdown

In a video made for the campaign, a voiceover begins the video with one powerful statement: "We just want people to know that, hey, we're normal. And you can't judge people on their normal. You really can't."

The gay dads were ridiculed and chastised by some last year for how they handle their relationship. In an effort to keep the children from feeling pressured to choose a lifestyle themselves, they keep separate bedrooms while the children are too small to fully understand the nature of the relationship. Social media exploded with criticisms.

The Upshot

The video offers a glimpse into the family's life through a series of gorgeous photos, and it personalizes the family's experience by showing what they do on a daily basis. From the video, the family looks to be thriving.

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