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Get Free Apps and More on Connection Day, Nov. 26

Short & Sweet

Thanksgiving is all about connecting with loved ones, but this year, Verizon wants us to connect in a more modern way—online of course. On Nov. 26, even if you're not a Verizon customer, you can access free apps and more.

The Lowdown

Ever heard of "Connection Day?" Probably not. That is because this is the first year Verizon is "hosting" this pre-Thanksgiving online freebie fest. From a free trial period on Pandora to a free offer—yet to be revealed—redeemable on iTunes, there is something for everyone to enjoy the day before they dig into their mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Even if you'll be traveling to your Thanksgiving feast that day, you can benefit. Air carrier Jet Blue is offering free in-flight WiFi through Dec. 24. You can also download free apps from Amazon and free audio books from

Of course, premium Verizon customers will get more on "Connection Day." According to, the company is offering free shareable data to their subscribers just for registering on the "Connection Day" site.

The Upshot

Since almost nothing is free, take advantage of some of these offers! Check out this list of the "Best iPad Apps for Kids of All Ages," and then visit the Connection Day page on Verizon's site to see the full list of free stuff you and your family can enjoy before you carve your turkey.

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