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Girl Granted Dying Wish to See Parents, But Is It Too Late?

The Short of It

You may recall the heartbreaking story of Qirat Chapra, who has lived most of her young life in an American hospital being treated for a severe case of B and T cell immunodeficiency. Now the 18-year-old girl, who hasn't seen her Pakistani parents in years, is getting her wish of seeing them one last time before she dies. But it may be too late.

The Lowdown

Chapra's parents have been unable to see their daughter despite her grave condition because their visas have been denied repeatedly.

"I have lived without my parents and two little brothers ... I'm in very serious and very critical condition right now, and nobody except God knows how long or how much I'm going to survive each day. It's my only hope to see my parents and my two little brothers," Chapra, who was born in the United States and is an American citizen, said in a Facebook video plea for her family to be granted emergency visas.

The teen started a petition to the White House, and although she didn't get the required 100,000 signatures, her mom and dad have finally been allowed to enter the country. They landed in Texas this weekend, but sadly, it may be too late, because the girl's condition is reportedly deteriorating quickly. Chapra is now unresponsive, and it's unclear if she will know her parents are with her.

"Of course, we are so thankful that they're here with her, but also I think what we really wanted for her wish to come true was to make up for lost time and be able to speak to them. That's what I think she really wanted," said Fatima Puri, a family friend.

The Upshot

According to Hira Jethwa, Chapra's cousin who lives in Austin, Chapra severely declined and became visibly unresponsive during a Face Time conversation with family.

"Usually she would wave or move, and she wasn't moving. Finally the doctor came in and said she was having a hard time breathing. It happened pretty quickly," Jethwa said. "When she found out that her parents got the visas, she started waving her hand because she was very excited. But it got worse. ... She was waiting for so long to see them, and it must be harsh for her parents as well because they see her in that condition."

Before Chapra became unresponsive she said, "I'm only surviving because of all these prayers and all this belief and living up to each day that my parents would come and hug me."

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